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CNC Intelligent Grinding Center Machine


CNC Intelligent Grinding Center Machine China Manufacturer--Rushing Speed CNC Equipment & Machine Co., Ltd.

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Our company has the advantages of customized three-axis, four axis and five axis grinding equipment:

1. According to the grinding requirements of customers, we can choose to order appropriate grinding equipment, which not only saves cost, but also has grinding pertinence;

2. The motors and reducers of the customized equipment are imported products to ensure the stability of the equipment;

3. The programming mode of the control system adopted is teaching programming, which is convenient for customers to learn and operate; the usual program operator is 1.

Generally, it can be completed within 1 hour, saving time and reducing programming difficulty;

4. It is suitable for grinding and customization of workpieces with a weight of 1-100kg and a height of less than 1m3, with a wide range of workpieces.

5. Tooling replacement is simple, shorten preparation time and improve efficiency;

6. The grinding efficiency of the equipment is several times that of the workers, and the workpiece can be polished continuously for 24 hours;

7. The grinding wheel is made of high wear-resistant material, which can be used for a long time, and can ensure the grinding effect and save the grinding cost;

8. Customized equipment workpieces are widely used for grinding: plastic, aluminum, iron, alloy and steel castings;

9. The customized grinding equipment is equipped with dust removal system.

10. The price advantage of customized equipment, low profit operation of our company, and low market price of the same equipment;

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