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UBTECH’s first large-scale four-legged robot "Pioneer Bull" appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage

On February 11th, on the stage of CCTV's 2021 Year of the Ox Spring Festival Gala, the first large-scale quadruped robot incarnation "Pioneer Bull" newly developed by UBTECH Technology, together with Andy Lau, Wang Yibo, Guan Xiaotong, etc. presented a creative performance "Bull Up" . They are based on the striving and enterprising Shenzhen "Pioneer Bull" as the original design, combining traditional cultural elements such as auspicious clouds and Chinese red, interpreting the beauty of science and technology with brilliant lighting and mechanical structure, and rushing forward with passionate music. 


It is reported that the "Pioneer Bull" robot that finally boarded the Spring Festival Gala has a body weight of 60kg and a maximum load of 15kg. It uses general force control joints, equipped with a real-time main control system, force control servo drive, full dynamics optimization algorithm, and lidar positioning navigation Algorithm etc. 

Source: NetEase Technology Report,Web translation

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