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Gates: The climate crisis is much more terrifying than the epidemic. I want to cooperate with Bezos

On February 23, US local time on Monday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) claimed in an interview that he hoped to cooperate more with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). Jointly respond to the climate change crisis.

Gates had previously issued a warning that in terms of the number of deaths and the global impact, the current new crown pneumonia epidemic cannot be compared with the climate crisis. He said: "Over time, as heat waves and forest fires increase, the death toll will only increase. Most importantly, agricultural production near the equator will be greatly damaged." 


However, unlike the epidemic, it is difficult to get people to focus on disasters that may occur decades later, and people may not have enough time to deal with them. Gates said: "Convincing people to invest in advance for future problems is a real test of human nature."

This is part of the reason Gates hopes to cooperate with Bezos, who promised to spend more money on climate change than Gates, up to $10 billion. Gates hopes that they can cooperate and support the costly early green alternative technologies to replace current technologies.

In the new book "How to Avoid Climate Disaster: Existing Solutions and Breakthrough Directions", Gates uses the concept of "green premium", which is to reduce traditional carbon emission technologies (such as fuel vehicles) and their green alternatives ( The price difference between electric vehicles). When the prices of these new technologies are too high for ordinary consumers or the government, people like Gates and Bezos can use their funds to stimulate demand and reduce prices to levels that everyone can afford.

Gates also talked about Bitcoin and Elon Musk, who claimed to be not a fan of Bitcoin. He said: "Musk has a lot of money and is very savvy, so I am not worried that the bitcoin he holds will rise and fall randomly. But I do think that people will be confused by these madmen who may not have so much spare money. So I am not optimistic about Bitcoin. My overall thought is that if you have less money than Musk, you should probably be more careful."

For a long time, Gates has always been a fan of fast food burgers. But now, Gates has shifted half of meat consumption to plant-based products, such as Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat products. With the further improvement of technology, Gates expects that the real meat he consumes will become less and less, but he did not completely give up eating beef. (Little) 

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate

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