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Musk said the Texas factory will produce Model Y in limited quantities or trial production at the end of the year


According to news on April 18, earlier this week, electric car manufacturer Tesla CEO Elon Musk drove an all-electric pickup Cybertruck and visited its Austin factory in Texas, USA. The new pickup truck is expected to be produced at this new plant.

After many users shared photos of Cybertruck wandering the Texas factory site, Musk updated the factory's production schedule. Interestingly, this year’s production plan does not include Cybertruck, only the Model Y crossover.

Musk said that the Texas plant will begin limited production of Model Y this year, and mass production will begin in 2022. Although Model Y quickly became the second most popular model in Tesla's product line, it was not the star at the Texas Auto Show. Cybertruck was.

Although Cybertruck pickups are planned to be put into production at the end of 2021, Tesla said at a product launch event held in November 2019 that whether Cybertruck will eventually start delivering to customers before the end of this year, Musk did not give any updates.

It now seems that due to unforeseen circumstances, Tesla's efforts to prepare to launch CyberTruck are being delayed. But interestingly, this seems to have nothing to do with the construction of the Texas factory itself, because the staff has been able to build the factory from scratch in an impressive way.

A government official in Texas recently stated that the construction of Tesla's Texas plant is surprisingly fast.

Although many fans of Musk asked about CyberTruck's production updates on Twitter, Musk chose to reveal only the latest details of Model Y production. However, when Musk recently participated in a podcast, he introduced the latest developments in the design and production of CyberTruck.

It is reported that Tesla is always considering minor design changes to CyberTruck to make it more maneuverable on streets and residential garages. Musk said in an interview that Tesla ultimately did not want to sacrifice the CyberTruck design, so it could only adjust its size to "about 3% or less."

Musk said that photos of the new CyberTruck may be released in the second quarter, but have not yet been shared. He said that before the end of 2021, Tesla may produce several CyberTrucks. He said: "If we are lucky, we will complete several deliveries before the end of this year, but I expect mass production to be completed in 2022."

Musk also said that these updates also accurately reflect the production situation of Tesla's first European factory in Berlin, which frustrated Tesla due to the delay. (Little)

Source: NetEase Technology Report, translated by Google Translate

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