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  • Apple may be accused of antitrust in the EU: accused of unfairly restricting opponents

    According to foreign media reports, on Thursday, local time in the United States, two people familiar with the matter revealed that Apple may face the EU’s first antitrust accusation in the coming weeks, which will put more pressure on it and force it to change the way its app store operates. . Earlier, music streaming service Spotify complained that Apple favored its own service. People familiar with the matter said that the European Commission (EC) will respond to a complaint filed

  • Multifunctional CNC 5 axis machine: CNC cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, CNC trimming machine, as well as prototype-and fixture-machining in a large work envelope

    Five-axis CNC machine made in China, multi-function: production cutting, drilling, trimming, prototype and fixture processingMultifunctional CNC five-axis machine,China-made five-axis CNC machine tools,CNC 5 axis Processing Center Router Machine,Five-axis CNC milling machine will be sold to the world,5 axis cnc machine Suppliers and Manufacturers in China.Contact number:+86-15618857188,E-mail address:rscncrouter@gmail.comChinese manufacturer of CNC five axis machining center, detail displ

  • Due to infringement of two patents, Intel need paid a huge compensation of US$2.18 billion

    According to foreign media reports, a federal jury in Texas, the United States, ruled on Tuesday that Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, infringed two patents owned by minority-owned VLSI Technology, requiring a total of US$2.18 billion in compensation. The jury ruled that infringement of the two patents required Intel to pay US$1.5 billion and US$675 million, respectively. But Intel denied infringement and stated that one of the patents was invalid because it covered the work don

  • SpaceX is building a factory in Austin, Texas to produce Starlink satellite Internet equipment

    According to foreign media reports, US space exploration technology company SpaceX’s latest recruitment notice shows that the company is building a new factory in Austin, Texas, to manufacture Starlink satellite Internet equipment. This is another expansion of SpaceX's business in the area after Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, moved to Austin last year.The recruitment notice shows that SpaceX is hiring engineers for its Starlink satellite internet department. The company said: In

  • Tencent released the first fully self-developed robot dog Max, which has legs and rounds and backflips

    On March 2, Tencent officially released the first fully self-developed multi-modal quadruped robot Max with both software and hardware. It adopts an integrated design of foot-wheel fusion and has legs and wheels. Run fast, can also stand on both legs to wishing for red envelopes in New Year. For the first time, Max has realized standing and moving from four feet to two feet, and can complete difficult movements such as backflips and self-recovery from falls. This is also ano

  • Bill Gates: A complete return to normal after the epidemic may not be until the end of 2022

    According to foreign media reports, on Sunday, local time in the United States, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was interviewed by the media and warned that a complete return to normal life after the epidemic may not be until the end of 2022.The third new crown vaccine candidate approved by the US regulatory agency has just come out. Gates said that the rapid development of the vaccine is a miracle and should help Americans return to almost normal lives as early as this fall, including almost al

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