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  • Google should follow up too! Require APP to disclose what data is collected

    On May 7th, Google said on Thursday, local time, that it would create a new piece of security content in its own mobile app store, Google Play, so that Android smartphone users can see which data developers will collect and share with them, or What privacy and security information of the user is accessed.Google's parent company Alphabet said in a blog post on Thursday that Android application developers must disclose this information before the second quarter of 2022. Users will see relevant

  • Bezos sells 2.5 billion U.S. dollars of Amazon stock, first large-scale cash out this year

    On May 6, Amazon’s regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) showed that its founder, Jeff Bezos, sold approximately $2.5 billion worth of Amazon stock this week. After selling more than US$10 billion worth of stocks in 2020, it is the first large-scale cash out this year.Regulatory documents show that Bezos sold approximately 739,000 Amazon shares on Monday and Tuesday according to a pre-arranged trading plan, with stock prices ranging from $3,274 to $3,485 per s

  • Trump can post again, fans can repost to Facebook and Twitter

    Netease Technology News, May 5, according to foreign media reports, former U.S. President Donald Trump's Save America Political Action Committee website has added features that allow him to post comments and video content, and His fans can share it with others. So far, Trump has been banned from posting on major US social media sites such as Facebook. The day before this news was announced, media reports stated that the Facebook supervisory committee is expected to make a decision

  • NASA confirms: SpaceX Dragon spacecraft breaks the life record of manned spacecraft, reaching 168 days

    IT House May 3 News Yesterday, according to the official social media news of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and SpaceX, the Crew-1 Dragon spacecraft, which performed SpaceX's first commercial manned space mission, successfully landed off the coast of Florida.According to NASA's official confirmation, the spacecraft successfully broke the life record of a manned spacecraft and operated for 168 days in orbit. The original holder of this record was the NASA Skylab

  • Intel CEO warns that chip shortages will continue for many years

    Financial Associated Press, May 3, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger warned that the global semiconductor shortage problem, which has already formed a widespread impact in multiple industries, may continue for many years. Gelsinger said in an interview that Intel is transforming some of its factories to increase production and deal with the shortage of chips in the automotive industry. He added that it may take at least a few months for the tight supply to begin to ease. Gelsinger said that it may take se

  • Because battery packs cannot be supplied on time, Tesla's German factory is delayed for half a year

    News on May 3, local time on Sunday, according to the German business magazine Automobilwoche (Automobilwoche) citing sources to report that due to delays in battery pack production, Tesla's factory near Berlin, Germany, at the end of January next year It will not be put into production before.According to the report, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) allowed the team responsible for the plant to postpone for 6 months to complete the preparations before production. In response to the above new

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